Mediation is a process in which a trained, impartial mediator facilitates negotiations between disputing parties.

Mediation is a process that assists the parties in a dispute to reach a mutually agreeable solution. It's a flexible alternative to arbitration and trial. Dispute resolution through mediation provides the parties with control over the outcome. A trial before a judge or jury removes control by the parties which may also include an appeal of the verdict. The delay in getting a trial date and an appeal of the verdict can cause significant delays in the resolution of the case.

Effective mediators bring an ability to the mediation to listen and understand the parties' relative positions. The mediator is an unbiased professional with knowledge and expertise in the particular area in dispute and possesses a skill in helping bring the matter to a fair resolution for all parties.

Most parties only see the strengths and merit to their position. The mediator assists and guides the parties to see the potential factual and legal impediments to their case and the possible strengths of the opposing parties’ position.

Litigation is an expensive and lengthy process, especially in light of the current Covid pandemic. As a professional mediator, I am prepared to assist the parties with a cost effective and a more abbreviated duration to claim resolution.

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